October 2020


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CKC-AAA 2015 Oakland, CA
“Upholding Our Legacy of Goodness (Bonitas)”
“We the members of Christ the King College Onitsha,
Alumni Association in America (CKC-AAA), gathered at
our 19th Annual Convention in Oakland, CA on 24-26
July 2015, have chosen “Upholding Our Legecy of Goodness”
as our convention theme. Many years have passed since
we commenced our march in November 1997 to return
our Alma Mater to its glorious past. We have not reached
that nostalgic Promised Land, which we hold dear, but w


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Christ the King College, (CKC) Onitsha was founded on 2 February 1933, by the Most Rev. Charles Heerey,
C.S.Sp, the Archbishop of Onitsha. At the outset the college shared premises with St. Charles Teacher Training
College, Onitsha it quickly became obvious that the shared arrangement was not convenient for the young CKC