Sandprints 2011

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CKC ONITSHA- 2011 Sand Prints & Marble Etchings

  1. “It is no exaggeration to say that the name CKC has the capacity to throw many doors open.”
    ~ Fr. Charles Okwumuo, 22nd Principal of Christ the King College (C.K.C.) Onitsha
  2. “It should still hold true, that anyone who has been so privileged to include CKC Onitsha on his resume, needs no
    further certification to validate his bona fides and a citizen in good standing.
    ~ Amb. U. Joy Ogwu, 2009 Keynote address to CKC-AAA.
  3. “This is great but not unexpected considering the global impact of CKC Alumni in all walks of life. Opinions may
    differ, but I personally believe that there is no other good secondary school in Nigeria like CKC. Long live our great
    alma mater and many thanks for the dedicated efforts of fine gentlemen like you and other alumni all over the world
    in the tireless promotion of the image of the School.”
    ~ C. O. Enwonwu,OON; FAS On learning that CKC was ranked the best school in Nigeria in 2009
  4. “How come we did not read/see this piece of information about our alma mater? [Christ the King College,
    Onitsha.] Our labors shall not be in vain. Primus.” ~ Emma Onua, President, CKC-AAA
  5. “Before we knock CKC too much, there is this sobering fact to consider: Remember the list of Africa’s 100 best
    secondary schools? The last time (2 years ago) we looked at that list (from 2005), only 5 Nigerian schools made the
    list and CKC ranked highest of all Nigerian schools. I googled that list again this evening and have attached the
    2009 list here. Again CKC ranked highest of any Nigerian secondary school at #36. The only other S.E. Nigerian
    school to show up (at a distant #75) is none other than Government College Umuahia. The venerable King’s College
    was #85 and St. Greg’s #99. Our GSSA did not make the list. Surprise. Surprise.”
    ~ Obi Nwasokwa, School Captain, GSSA, (Govt. College Afikpo) 1967-1970
  6. “Comparatively, no other school in Anambra State is doing as well as C.K.C. and this is mainly due to the
    constructive engagement of the alumni and branches such as CKC-AAA. I hope they will not relent in their efforts
    at raising the standards.”
    ~ Emmanuel Ezenduka, 21st Principal of Christ the King College (C.K.C.) Onitsha
  7. “My vision as the new principal and manager is to return CKC to her prime position as the leading Secondary
    School East of the Niger not only in academics but in sound morals, sports, human relationship and other areas of
    human endeavour…. I see a CKC which recovers, sustains and surpasses her international reputation as the leading
    Secondary School in Nigeria.”
    ~ Fr. Charles Okwumuo, Principal of C.K.C Onitsha in his Maiden 2011 State of the School Report
  8. “As a product of a Catholic Secondary School, myself; albeit a school, a few hundred miles on the other side of the
    Niger Bridge, I know that CKC is a highly esteemed Catholic Secondary School.”
    ~ Ejeviome Eloho Otobo, CKC-AAA 2010 Convention Guest Keynote Speaker
  9. “We call ourselves the Amaka Boys for a reason. We knew what we had at CKC and we are all very proud and
    confident to have graduated from CKC. The number of National leaders that CKC has produced for our Country
    evidences this.”
    ~ Eddyfunn Ikemefuna, In his welcome address to CKC-AAA 2010 Convention
  10. “As such, many of you would have liked your children to do their secondary school at CKC – in order to share in
    your experience and also to be culturally rooted before coming abroad. Today, it is not possible precisely because
    the standards are no longer that high. This is why the efforts of CKC-AAA to in contributing to maintain the high
    standards of CKC are very much appreciated.”
    ~ Ejeviome Eloho Otobo, CKC-AAA 2010 Convention Guest Keynote Speaker
  11. “I wear the “white-and-blue” school blazer with absolute pride! The contributions of CKC-AAA to the school have
    been trail-blazing, and indeed serve as a model for many other schools and their alumni. As one who was privileged
    to oversee such efforts for two years, I am very proud of our Boys and their generosity toward the rebuilding and
    revitalizing projects that we have embarked upon.”
    ~ Emma Onua, President, CKC-AAA
  12. “For our part, we have led by example, with our proactive engagement, which has yielded discernible results,
    notably, funding C.K.C.’s revitalization and spearheading its return of to the Catholic mission on 1 January 2009.
    Second, we have a say in those who run our alma mater and including the principal and his staff. Third, we
    motivate the students and the staff to be the best they can be. Finally, we see it as our duty to create an enabling
    environment, for those privileged like us, to attend C.K.C., and to make the school attractive for those who would
    seek the very best for their children and wards. That is not a mission impossible!”
    ~ Oseloka Obaze, in a 2010 Editorial in The Amaka Gazette
  13. “I am grateful to the Alumni Association for the various monumental development projects they have individually
    and collectively executed in the school, which have in no small way singled out CKC as the BEST Secondary
    School in the state in terms of physical development, layout and maintenance culture.”
    ~ Emmanuel Ezenduka, Principal of CKC in his 2010 Ste of the School report
  14. “Rebranding education in CKC is necessary. CKC must remain one of the best schools in Nigeria. Our goal is to
    make it even better. This is not an insurmountable challenge, as long as there is a collective commitment amongst
    all of us.”
    ~ Eddyfunn Ikemefuna, In his welcome address to CKC-AAA 2010 Convention
  15. “CKC-AAA continues to give primacy to motivating deserving students and teachers and remains cognizant of its
    role as a catalytic enabler and booster for the overall restoration of the college to its erstwhile eminent and enviable
    ~ CKC-AAA 2010 State of the Association Report
  16. “Our calling is enriched when we are able to serve because service to others is the greatest act of humanity. To
    some people, a decision to serve might be a struggle. For me, it is part of who I am.
    ~ Dr. Jude Nwokenwko, CKCAAA Member (Illinois Chapter) declaring for public office in 2010.
  17. “In 1943, St. Patrick’s College – Ikot Ansa, played one of its greatest football matches in the history of the college. It
    played against Christ the King College, Onitsha. For years, CKC had reigned supreme in college football
    throughout the Eastern part of Nigeria. Previously, when we met, we were beaten 6 to 1 in Onitsha. In 1943, we
    hosted them to raise funds for war relief (the 2nd World War). Ten minutes into the start of the game, one of our
    players (late Tom Alu) was carried off the field of play with a severe injury. We played 10 men against their 11.
    The match ended in a draw. This was when our football fame started.”
    ~ In Birth of a College, SPC Calabar website
  18. “First and foremost, I want to congratulate CKC AAA, The Amaka Gazette and its editorial crew for the beautiful
    things you are doing; and above all, for your passion for CKC even in a foreign land. You have taught us to
    appreciate what we have.”
    ~ Fr. Charles Okwumuo, 22nd Principal of Christ the King College (C.K.C.) Onitsha
  19. “We should all try and reach out and touch someone, especially the younger ones, so that the world can get more
    people in the mold of the Hon Secretary and all bona fide and properly brought up ‘Amaka boys’ To paraphrase the
    US Marines; We are looking for a few good men! Our Hon Secretary is already a good man and more… How can
    we find more like him, for us, our dear country and humanity …that’s the real challenge! I pray that where ever we
    find ourselves in this universe with all its discouraging vicissitudes; we should try and contribute a ‘little’ of
    ourselves to that higher CKC ideal – we should all strive not to leave this place the way we found it, after what CKC
    did for us all.” ~~Dan Ngerem , (CKC Class of 75)
  20. “I knew Hon. Justice Aniagolu very well, from when I was a little boy in Enugu. My dad and uncle were close. We
    all lived closed by at Park Lane Enugu. Tony, Emeka (Greg) Charles (BBC) Lorretta et al, were our childhood
    chums. Justice Aniagolu lived a good life, was an excellent Jurist âand one of the best, and has gone to take a wellearned rest in eternal life. God be with him.” ~ Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, Message to CKC-AAA on passing of CKC
    Icon, Justice Anthony Aniagolu
  21. “Our two associations will continue to march on together, facing the challenge of our history responsibly by seeking
    to realize our shared vision of our alma maters as places where once again “bonitas, disciplina, scientia” prevail and
    kids are raised above all to Fear God and Honor the king and thereby to fulfill their God-given potential. God
    willing, we shall succeed beyond our wildest dreams and CKC and GSSA shall rise again to new and hitherto
    unheard of heights.”
    ~ Obi Nwasokwa, Chairman of the Board, Govt. Secondary School Afikpo, Alumni Assoc.

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