Reflections from 2011 Convention. (Ose Obaze)

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BRAVO – NEW YORK: For Stepping Up to the Solution
Oseloka Obaze
We have had CKC-AAA Conventions and each once is unique despite having the same
standard operating procedure for convention planning, which makes everything seem rote.
The difference lies in the people and the will to rise above all impediments. But more
importantly, four critical elements make the difference: leadership by example, grounded
on goodness, discipline and knowledge. These qualities played out starkly in New York.
“New York 2011” has gone into the annals of CKC-AAA conventions. We could not have
asked for a better outing. The convention work and procedure went well and seamlessly so.
Indeed, it may end up being about the best convention we have had in fifteen years. The
attendance was equally impressive. But knowing the CKC can do spirit; another LOC will
soon seek to top it. We await results of the donations and pledges. This is anecdotal, but a
true story; a lady reached into her wallet to dole out a gift of $100 to CKC-AAA during the
banquet, however, when she heard co-MCs announcing donations of “$1000”, $2000, $5,500”,
$8,000” and “undisclosed enclosed amount”, she felt intimidated and put her gift back in her
Big Apple was great! Old Boys of all sets –the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s showed up, the
most junior being the eloquent Dr. Murtala Mohammed Bagana (’94). MMB– thanks for
being there and for literally doing the heavy lifting. Mr. President has already apologised to
you for the administrative mix-up; accept same in the true CKC spirit. Stay proactive!! To
senior-seniors, Chief Chike Ofodile, Mr. Innocent Onnonaji, Mr. Julius Arinzeh, Prof.
Alexander Acholonu, Dr. Christopher Enu, Dr. Anthony Udeogalanaya, Dr. Imma Uketui
and especially our esteemed keynote speaker, Prof. Cyril Enwonwu. A special mention goes
to Akwa, Stagger Lee Emeka Nwokeji; thanks for the grace and awesome presence. Thank
you all for showing the light so graciously and gracefully. We stand on your shoulders.
We thank H.E. Gov. Peter Obi, an eminent alumnus, who held an extended interactive
session with Old Boys on Sunday, first at the Excom Breakfast Session and later, at the lunch
hosted by the Agbimsons. We are sorry some old boys left early to catch their flights. We are
glad we resolved the outstanding issue. We also had several old boys from Nigeria, namely,
HRH Emma Nnabuife, (’73) and Victor Okey Orakwue (’71) and Patrick Okafor (’71). The
boys of the 1973 Limboye Set – Ray Okoye, Felix Ezejiofo, Emma Nnabuife, Charles Ibeziako
and yours truly, outnumbered the rest of the class pack. We could have been more! Why not?
To hostesses Uche Agbimson, Chinwe Offor and other spouses, thank you. To the visiting
spouses, we hope the CKC-AAA New Jersey sponsored NYC Limo Tour for you and the kids
were worthwhile. Thanks to Ladies Ifey Onua and Ofunne Obaze for pushing that initiative.
It was a win-win proposal and worthy template. CKC-AAA is and remains a family affair.
Congrats to 2011 ESA winners: Messrs Charles Belonwu, Felix Ezejiofo, Lennox Annunwah
and Jerry Ogbudimkpa. You have all earned your distinguished stripes through a rigorous
peer review and assessment. It isn’t easy! Odiro ofele!! It is all about commitment!!!
There were many new faces and new comers to this year’s convention. For some, close
proximity rather than keen interest might have prompted attendance. But not for others who
came from far away. We also know that there were some who were within arms length of
Long Island, but did not show. So much for the values imbued in us at CKC. We preach to
those we see: so great salute and shout out to Okey Nwozo, Dozie Nnama, Anthony Emengo,
Ray Okoye, Charlie Ibeziako, Julius Arinzeh, Louis Chukwurah, Chike Obianwu, Anali
Okolonji and Arthur Onuora, who made their CKC-AAA convention debut in New York.
We thank all first timers — let’s do it again in 2012 at the Dallas/Houston, Texas Convention.
Whereas all things seemed rosy, we missed the people who have become constants that were
absent; Fidelis Atuegbu, Fr. Ugo Arinze, Chris Ayika, Eddyfunn Ikemefuna Tagbo Ekwonu,
Francis Nwankwo, Francis Asokwu Sea, Jude and Emeka Akudinobi, Mike Azodo, Clement
Nduka, Jerry Ogbudimkpa, Chris Inoma, Dom Ezeani, Emeka Uzoh and Tony Machie.
At the banquet we had close to 200 guests and some fifty (50) CKC Old Boys in attendance,
with many spouses in tow. We had special wine named “Primus”. We thank our friends and
supporters, from Government College Umuahia, Government Secondary School, Afikpo,
D.M.G.S., Onitsha, C.I.C, Enugu, Queens College Enugu and especially those darling “sisters”
from QRC, Onitsha. That special “CKC-QRC only” dance was nostalgic and dredged up
“Old Skool” feelings. And thanks to whiz kid, DJ Mecca (Emeka Izegbu), we danced until
the feet screamed for mercy. Needless to say that Emma Onua and Larry Ozoh were a class
act. For them, “a superlative performance” is the defining phrase for M-Ceeing the banquet.
Of the very few things that happened that might have been distractive or vexatious, the
loquaciousness of some new comers who wanted to show off was perhaps the least. Those
who came and had fun but still walked away without paying their membership registration
and annual dues only belittled themselves. They share in the credit of what CKC-AAA has
accomplished; and we will forge on, with or without them. However, some of us were
peeved that after many years of struggling and indeed, arriving at a point where we are now
able to showcase our school colours through our college blazers, there was a glaring
disinterest in doing so. It was very appalling that only five people wore their blazers to the
plenary session and only two to the banquet. Amaka Boys, we should be as bold as our
stripes and as President Onua said, “wear them proudly”. Never again, even if it means
making it mandatory to appear at the Banquet only in the College Blazer! I’ll lead that charge.
Finally, I concur with the President Onua: “Yes indeed: We went, we took care of “binnez”,
we enjoyed, and we accomplished our goal!” That is why we are called Amaka Boys.
Everything in New York was for one splendid weekend nothing but Amaka –Fabulous!
BRAVO NY LOC! Well done and thanks. You promised and you delivered. All things put
together, full and total credit goes to Gene Agbimson and Co. May the fame of our College
last forever. Primus!
CKCAAA 2011 Huntington, NY
Convention & Banquet Attendees

  1. Acholonu, Alexander Prof.
  2. Agbimson, Eugene Mr.
  3. Anazonwu, Fabian Mr.
  4. Arinzeh, Julius Mr.
  5. Bagana, Murtala Mohammed Dr.
  6. Belonwu, Charles Mr.
  7. Chibueze, Boniface Mr.
  8. Chukwurah, Louis Mr.
  9. Egbuna, Louis Mr.
  10. Egbuna Joe. Mr.
  11. Ehirim, Ben Dr.
  12. Emengo, Anthony Esq.
  13. Ene, Jude Mr.
  14. Enu, Christopher Dr.
  15. Enwonwu, Cyril Prof.
  16. Erokwu Anthony Mr.
  17. Ezeani, Okey Mr.
  18. Ezejiofo, Felix Mr.
  19. Ibeziako, Charles Dr.
  20. Izuchi, NT Prof
  21. Mbanefo, Uso Mr.
  22. Mozie, Stan Chike Mr.
  23. Nnabuife, Emmanuel HRH
  24. Nnama, Dozie Dr.
  25. Nwokeji, Emeka Mr.
  26. Nwozo, Okey Dr.
  27. Obaze Oseloka Mr.
  28. Obi, Peter H. E.
  29. Obianwu, Chike Dr.
  30. Offor, Nnamdi Dr.
  31. Ofodile, Chike Chief
  32. Ofomata, Stanley Mr.
  33. Ogbutor, Lawrence Esq.
  34. Okafor, Douglas Mr.
  35. Okafor, Patrick Mr.
  36. Okolonji, Anthony Mr.
  37. Okoye, Raymond Mr.
  38. Onnonaji, Innocent Chief.
  39. Onochie, Austin Mr.
  40. Onua, Emmanuel Mr.
  41. Onuora Arthur Dr.
  42. Orakwue, Victor Okey Mr.
  43. Osemeka Dominic Mr.
  44. Osemeka, Okey Mr.
  45. Ozoh, Larry Mr.
  46. Ozowalu, Chukwuma Mr.
  47. Udeogalanaya , Anthony Prof
  48. Ukekwe, Okey Mr.
  49. Uketui, Immanuel Dr.
  50. Uwachie, Chuma Esq.
  51. Mrs. Uche Agbimson
  52. Mrs. Ifey Onua
  53. Mrs. Ifeyinwa Izuchi
  54. Dr. Ofunne Obaze
  55. Mrs. Kate Enwonwu
  56. Mrs. Mabel Arinzeh
  57. Dr. Chinwe Offor
  58. Dr. Uche Nnama
  59. Mrs. Mabel Nwozo
  60. Ms. Shirley James
  61. Mrs. Azuka Obianwu
  62. Mrs. Ngozi Enu
  63. Mrs. Pamela Ozowalu
  64. Mrs. Anthony Emengo
  65. Mrs Ngozi Ogbutor
  66. Mrs Chuma Uwachie
  67. Mrs Dom Osemeka
  68. Mrs A. Udeogalanaya
    Legacy Schools Representatives
  69. Mrs. Azuka Obianwu, (QRC, Onitsha)
  70. Dr. F. Ofodile (Govt. College. Umuahia)
  71. Mr. Chibuzor Njeze (Govt.Sec.School Afikpo)
  72. Sir Larry Mowe (D.M.G.S., Onitsha)
  73. Mr. Obinna Okamgba (Alter-C.I.C., Enugu)
  74. Dr. Chinwe Offor (Queens School, E

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