October 2020

Fr NC Tagbo – Awards

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Fr Tagbo Double Jubilee pictures

Invitation card for Fr Tagbo’s Jubilee event

Fr Tagbo recieves National Award

Chicago 2009 Convention

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A HARVEST OF IDEAS” “We the members of Christ the King College (C.K.C.) Onitsha, Alumni Association in America (CKC-AAA), gathered on the occasion of our 13th Annual Convention in Chicago, IL, on 17-19 July 2009, which also coincides with the return of our Alma Mater to

Curtain Call – Raleigh 2014 Convention

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Ab initio, we give thanks to our Almighty Father for making it possible for us to
congregate in Raleigh over the weekend. As I write, the information at my disposal,
point to the fact, that all members of the Amaka family that came to this year’s
convention have made it back to their respective homes. My family and I made a
trip of it and we made it back home on July 22, 2014